Loneliness in Surviving

As another dooming imaging day approaches and my 50th birthday sneaks closer, I have been reflecting on a very personal decision I need to make regarding my treatment.  I have a wonderful support group, including my husband and fellow survivors, but I know this is a decision I have to make on my own.  Well, at least for a moment that is what I thought.  Then, gratefully I was reminded that I was never alone as long as I had prayer.

Navigating through life can be a very scary journey if you feel alone.  Going to a support group can help.  There are so many out there- cancer survivors, grief, substance abuse…wherever your survivor-ship story comes from, there are others out there who are willing to share their stories, offer support and bring hope for the future.

Because every survivor’s story is unique and individual, however, sometimes even in a room full of survivors you can still feel very alone.

I am here to tell you –  you’re not alone. God understands every emotion, every need and every struggle you face. Turn to him when you feel no one else understands. You will find the peace no other person can bring to you.

I remember a hymn I heard as a young teen and the words stayed with me through out my life.  I heard it again two years ago at my Mom’s funeral.  I was feeling so broken and lost, wondering how I was going to make it through the rest of my treatment and continue to fight without her by my side.  As this hymn played, it was a welcomed benotafraidreminder of the almighty source of unwavering support of God in my life. I knew I could always get by as long as I relied on my faith.

    You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst.
    You shall wander far in safety though you do not know the way.
    You shall speak your words in foreign lands and all will understand.
    You shall see the face of God and live.  

    Be not afraid, I go before you always.  Come follow me, and I will bring you rest.

When you turn to prayer, you will find the only place where you can find unfailing support.  Be grateful for the people God brings to you in your journey and keep them close in your life.  However, when those blessings just aren’t enough to get you through, count on your faith to help you carry on.  I believe that this is truly the only way to continue to thrive in life.

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