When Contagious Is A Good Thing

As I waited at the left turn light this morning on my way to work, I leisurely watched the traffic around me. It was a very windy morning, causing more motion around me than the normal routine of the Tuesday morning traffic.  Among the waving electrical wires and an occasional flying grocery bag, a man in the car making a right turn next to me caught my eye.  He was alone in the car, no passengers beside him or in his back seat.  Probably just another “Joe” making his way to his job to spend his day “working for a living”. But what caught my attention was his smile.  He was grinning ear to ear, looking as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.  Perhaps he was listening to a funny news broadcast or enjoying a favorite song on the radio.  He could have been having an entertaining conversation on a Bluetooth phone device.  Whatever was going on in that car, it was making him happy.  He was starting his day with a smile.  The interesting thing is, I found now, I was smiling, too.

It’s curious how contagious a smile can be. We have all observed a “yawn chain”.  One person in the room yawns, and it seems everyone who witnesses it falls victim to the yawn effect.  So, is it crazy to expect the same with a smile, a laugh, a positive attitude in general? I don’t think so.

Today’s contagious smile reminded me to surround myself with the Positive. Unfortunately, the Negative can be just as contagious and is more plentiful in the world today.  Seek out the smiles, the positive attitudes, the compliments and the random acts of kindness.  Your prognosis is bound to be excellent and rewarding!

My hope is to be a carrier of this contagious condition and spread it among each person I come into contact with.  Reality is, of course, we can’t all be positive all of the time.  But if we reach out to each other, our friends as well as the strangers we meet on our journeys, perhaps we can cause an epidemic!

Maybe you’re smiling right now…. I hope it’s contagious!!th[2]

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