Today Is A Good Day

70 degrees and the sun is shining throughout this February weekend in Illinois!! Some might call that a miracle! Well, it certainly is a gift.  Discussing this amazing winter weather treat with others has been interesting.  Rather than just enjoying the awe, I have heard grumbles of “it’s still February… this can’t last!”  It’s true… it won’t last, but neither do many of the special treats we get to experience in our crazy world.

During treatment, the expression “today is a good day” is often used to describe days that aren’t full of pain or sickness; for a day when you receive a special visitor or a day when you just feel lucky to be alive.  “Today is a good day” comes when you can put the past behind you and put the future in God’s hands.  So many times we worry so much about the “whys” and the “what ifs” that we miss out on truly appreciating our good days.

Treatment, for me, taught me to worry less about tomorrow and focus my energy on embracing the good days.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have some “worry wart” tendencies; for old habits are truly hard to break.  However, through reading and prayer, my attention to the present has become so much more fine tuned.  The quality of the good days intensify and aren’t lost in the noise of negativity and uncertainty of the future.

Take pause.. soak it in and enjoy each gift that has been be-stowed upon you.  Because its true, it might not last, but there are so many more to come!  You don’t want to miss them!

I hope Today Is A Good Day for you!

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