The Trouble With Blessings

Blessings are our gifts from God.  Lucky are we who receive these blessings.   However, with these gifts we inherit both responsibility and vulnerability.

We have the responsibility to acknowledge our blessings, both large and small; ones we asked for and ones that were unexpected.  We must sincerely and humbly give thanks for our blessings.

We should also realize that with these treasured blessings, we become vulnerable in our knowledge of how wonderful our lives can be, how important people around us are.

I have been truly blessed with friends and family in my life.  I have had people reach out and make a difference in my life in the most unexpected ways during times of turmoil and in times of celebration.  I am truly blessed.  The trouble with these blessings is that I have become venerable to the emotional ties that comes with these relationships.

A dear friend, one of my blessings, recently endured a tragedy in her life.  When I heard about it, it took my breath away.  My body and soul were pained by the news I heard.  Had this been another person, a stranger, a casual acquaintance, I would have felt sadness for them, perhaps said a gentle prayer for them.  This instance, however, goes much deeper than a feeling of empathy or sympathy.  When one of your blessings is facing a dark season of their own, the pain and emotion goes so much deeper and your reaction and dire desire to help them is almost overwhelming.  You can’t simply close the e-mail, turn off the TV or end the conversation and go on with your life.  When one of your blessings is in trouble, it is carried in your soul, sits in your heart and on your mind long after the news is over.

This is the trouble with blessings.  The terrible, wonderful trouble with blessings.  For without each other to be there for one another through the dark seasons and be each other’s blessings through our struggles and our celebrations, our world would be dull and without purpose.  We cannot experience the high without the responsibility of handling the lows.

So now I pray  and thank God again for bringing this blessing into my life.  I ask that He will carry her through this difficult time.  That He will guide me to say or do whatever she needs from me.  And ask that He, in His amazing grace, will bring her back to a place where she can thrive through faith.


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