Surviving vs. Thriving


I believe thriving in life by its own nature must look very different for each individual person.  Like your fingerprint, your destiny is unique to only you and no one can define what it should look like.  I do believe, however, that God wants us to not only survive in this life on earth, but thrive.  And this can only be done with God’s help.  We only need to ask.

We all are survivors.  We survive struggles throughout our lives, and if we are still here to tell our tales, well then, we are survivors.  These struggles, these challenges, although at times are thrown at us against our will or our own understanding, these experiences are what makes us grow and mature.  I don’t mean in the earthly way, although that may happen as well.  I’m referring to our growth and maturity in our Faith.  The one thing that is bound to raise us up from simply surviving life to thriving in our existence here on earth.

When I reflect on my latest challenge of fighting breast cancer, I am consistently amazed at where I am now in my faith and my quality of life.  If you had asked me two years ago what I needed in my life to make it better, I guarantee you that I would not have replied, “Well, I wish I would get diagnosed with breast cancer, suffer through treatment and fight my way to a normal routine again.  That would make my life so much better!”  However, as cliché as it may sound, now that I have experienced that battle and felt the strength God gave me and my family throughout that journey, I can honestly say I see the world in a different light.  The sunsets are more beautiful.  The music is sweeter.  My patience and tolerance are stronger.  Forgiveness comes easier. And to the greatest extent, my ability to love and feel loved has deepened.  For me, at this time in my life, this is thriving.

What does thriving look like to you?  Where in your life can you move from surviving to thriving?  Put a plan in place and ask God to move you to your goal.  He is amazing and almighty and wants you, too, to thrive through faith!


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